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Climbing Kilimanjaro in December

Kilimanjaro Climbing in December: Weather, Crowds, Wildlife, Packing List.

December Dreams: Scaling Kilimanjaro When the Mountains Dance with Rain and Snow. Kilimanjaro, the majestic “Roof of Africa,” beckons adventurers year-round with its diverse landscapes and challenging ascent. But what if you crave a unique experience, one where the mountain wears a different crown than the usual sunshine? December offers a thrilling alternative, presenting both captivating beauty and demanding challenges. Let’s explore this lesser-known path to the summit. Book your Kilimanjaro in December with us save up 25% off special offers deal. 

A Dance with the Elements:

December falls just after the short rainy season, painting the mountain with lush greenery and potentially leaving muddy trails in its wake. Rain showers, though less frequent, are still a possibility, adding an element of adventure and demanding adaptability. Temperatures dip lower, especially at higher altitudes, testing your layering skills and resilience against the cold. However, this coolness can also bring a magical touch: a dusting of snow at the summit, transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland.

December tends to be wet and very cold. Expect slippery trails at lower altitudes and, as you approach the summit, subzero temperatures and howling winds at night. Towards the end of the month, the mountain experiences a secondary high season associated with the Christmas and New Year holidays. Best avoided.

How cold is Kilimanjaro summit in December?

Kilimanjaro Temperature – What is the Weather on Mount Kilimanjaro. At the Kilimanjaro Summit, Uhuru Peak, which lies in the arctic zone the night temperatures can drop down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit ( -29 degrees Celsius). Therefore, we strongly recommend you to always be prepared for wet and cold nights.

Fewer Crowds, More Solitude:

The festive season draws many away from the mountain, offering a unique advantage for December climbers: solitude. Imagine the vastness of the landscape stretching before you, uninterrupted by throngs of fellow trekkers. Climbing Kilimanjaro in December. This quieter experience allows for deeper introspection, a closer connection with nature. And a stronger bond with your group as you face the elements together.

Celebrating on the Roof:

Picture this: reaching the summit on Christmas Eve, gazing at the world bathed in moonlight. Or ringing in the New Year bathed in the golden hues of sunrise from the highest point in Africa. These are just a few of the unique memories December’s Kilimanjaro ascent can offer.

Facing the Unique Challenges:

While enticing, December’s Kilimanjaro demands careful preparation and a specific skillset. The key lies in:

  • Choosing the right route: Opt for routes like Rongai or Marangu. Which offer better protection from the elements and are generally safer in December conditions.
  • Packing for all seasons: Prepare for rain, sunshine, and even snow. Invest in high-quality waterproof gear, warm layers, sturdy footwear, and essential mountaineering equipment.
  • Acclimatizing diligently: The cold demands even more rigorous acclimatization. Climbing Kilimanjaro in December. Spend ample time at lower altitudes to adjust to the thinner air.
  • Hiring an experienced guide: A guide familiar with December climbs can be your lifeline. Ensuring safety, providing valuable insights, and maximizing your enjoyment.

How much oxygen is at the top of Kilimanjaro?

At the summit of Kilimanjaro, there is approximately 49% of the oxygen available at sea level. The percentage blood oxygen saturation. Combined with your heart rate, are indicators of how well your body is acclimatizing to the altitude.

Is there snow on Kilimanjaro in December?
December is a cold month, usually with lots of snow. Trekking is fine if you don’t mind the cold. December on Kilimanjaro allows for a Christmas or New Year summit, which has become popular.

Is December Your Kilimanjaro Calling?

This unique adventure is not for everyone. It demands experience, physical fitness, and a willingness to embrace the unpredictable. But if you’re an adventurous soul who thrives on challenges and seeks an unforgettable experience. December’s Kilimanjaro might be your perfect match. Remember, thorough research, planning, and preparation are crucial for a successful and enjoyable climb.

Is December a good time to hike Kilimanjaro?

The short dry season: Mid December to March – Late December, January, February and March are great months for climbing Kilimanjaro. For starters, while there’s some rain during this season, it’s not extreme

So, are you ready to trade the typical Kilimanjaro experience. For a dance with rain and snow on the “Roof of Africa”? The mountain awaits, with its unique allure and the promise of an extraordinary adventure.

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