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Why Choose Northern Circuit Route For Your Kilimanjaro Climb

10 Reasons Why the Northern Circuit Should Be Your Path to Kilimanjaro's Crown.

Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s iconic peak, is a dream for many travelers. But with six different routes to choose from, the decision can feel overwhelming. If you’re seeking a scenic, gradual, and potentially smoother path to the top, look no further than the Northern Circuit. Here are 10 reasons why this unique route might be the perfect fit for your Kilimanjaro adventure: Book Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route Itinerary in 6- Day hiking to summits.

1. Northern Circuit Route offers Gentle Acclimatization 

The Northern Circuit is the longest route, taking 8-10 days to complete. This extended timeframe lets your body naturally adjust to the increasing altitude at its own pace. Reducing the risk of altitude sickness. You’ll spend more nights at lower camps, “sleeping low” while acclimatizing, before gradually ascending to higher elevations.

2. Northern Circuit Route Panoramic Scenery:

Unlike other routes that primarily traverse one side of the mountain. The Northern Circuit takes you on a journey through all Kilimanjaro’s diverse ecosystems. From lush rainforests and volcanic plains to heather fields and lunar landscapes, you’ll witness stunning scenery at every turn. Imagine misty mornings in the forest, sunrises over endless plains, and breathtaking panoramas from the summit – the Northern Circuit delivers them all.

3. Northern Circuit Route Untouched Beauty and Fewer Crowds:

This hidden gem is less popular than other routes like Machame or Marangu, offering a peaceful and secluded climbing experience. You’ll encounter fewer fellow trekkers on the trail, allowing you to truly connect with the mountain’s serenity and natural beauty.

4. Northern Circuit Route has Higher Summit Success Rates:

The gradual acclimatization and diverse terrain contribute to the Northern Circuit’s impressive 90% success rate. This means you’ll have a significantly better chance of reaching the summit and fulfilling your Kilimanjaro dream.

5. Northern Circuit Route offer Unique Wildlife Encounters:

Keep your eyes peeled for elephants, buffaloes, zebras. And monkeys in the lower foothills of the Northern Circuit – a bonus thrill to your mountain adventure!

6. Enjoy Northern Circuit Route Cultural Experience:

The route passes near Maasai villages, offering a glimpse into their fascinating culture and traditional way of life. You might even have the opportunity to interact with these welcoming people and learn about their customs.

7. Stay in Northern Circuit Route Diverse Camping Locations:

Unlike some other routes with fixed campsites. The Northern Circuit offers flexible camps at scenic locations based on weather and group dynamics. This adds an element of adventure and allows you to experience different aspects of the mountain each night.

8. Northern Circuit Route is Challenging Yet Rewarding Hike:

While the longer distance and altitude gain present a challenge. The gradual ascent and stunning scenery make the Northern Circuit a rewarding experience for both experienced and first-time trekkers.

9. Northern Circuit Route offer Sense of Discovery:

As a less-traveled route, the Northern Circuit feels like a journey of exploration. You’ll be one of the few to trek through these untouched landscapes, creating a truly unique and memorable experience.

10. Northern Circuit Route is Personal Choice:

Ultimately, the best route for you depends on your preferences and fitness level. However, if you value gradual acclimatization, diverse scenery, fewer crowds. And a higher chance of reaching the summit, the Northern Circuit should definitely be on your shortlist.

So, lace up your boots, embrace the challenge, and let the Northern Circuit guide you to the top of Kilimanjaro! Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. And this route promises an unforgettable adventure filled with awe-inspiring views, personal growth, and memories that will last a lifetime.

What is the northern circuit route Kilimanjaro?

The Northern Circuit Route is the longest route on Kilimanjaro, a nine day trip initially ascending Lemosho route on the western side of the mountain up onto the Shira Plateau before reaching the Lava Tower, then heading north and circumnavigating the main summit massif in a clockwise direction and joining up with the Rongai route. The summit is then climbed from the eastern side of the mountain and the descent is straight down via the southern Mweka route.

Understandably this is also known as the Grand Traverse or the 360 Route and offers the complete Kilimanjaro experience in terms of all the habitats and the views of the mountain from all sides. The longer journey has excellent acclimatization and stunning scenery with views across the southern flanks, western forests, the northern plains to the Kenyan border and the arid eastern slopes. The paths are comparatively quiet and less used.

What is the success rate of the Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro?

Due to its extended length, much of which hovers around the same altitude for improved acclimatization, the Northern Circuit route has the highest success rate of any of the routes on Mount Kilimanjaro of over 95% to 98%.

What is the Tips For A Successful Climb Via The Northern Circuit Route

  • Climb High, Sleep Low: Embrace the leisurely pace of the Northern Circuit to acclimatize naturally and reduce altitude risk.
  • Embrace Diversity: From rainforest mist to lunar landscapes, every day unfolds a new breathtaking panorama.
  • Seek Solitude: Fewer crowds on the trail mean more space for personal reflection and connection with the mountain.

  • Train Smart: Build endurance and strength beforehand to handle the gradual, yet challenging, ascent.
  • Gear Up Wisely: Pack for diverse weather and invest in comfortable, supportive footwear.
  • Hydrate and Nourish: Stay fueled with plenty of water and electrolytes, and choose energy-rich snacks for optimal performance.
  • Listen to Your Body: Pace yourself, prioritize rest, and don’t hesitate to seek help if you experience any discomfort.
  • Embrace the Challenge: The reward of reaching the summit on the scenic Northern Circuit makes every step worthwhile.
  • Enjoy the Journey: Savor the unique wildlife encounters, cultural insights, and moments of tranquility in this off-the-beaten-path adventure.
  • Summit Celebration: Once you reach Uhuru Peak, relish the unparalleled sense of accomplishment and the breathtaking views from Africa’s roof.

Why The Northern Circuit Route Is Perfect For Slow Acclimatization

One of the best Kilimanjaro Routes when it comes to slow acclimatization. Because it’s the longest route on Kilimanjaro, it offers a great acclimatization profile and has plenty of climb-high, sleep-low opportunities. Northern Circuit Route – Best Trail To Have 360° View Of Kilimanjaro.

What is Best Time to Visit Northern Circuit Route?

Hiking and trekking on the Northern Circuit Route is generally best during the dry season, which is from June to October. We have already explained above that why this time is considered the Best Time to Visit Northern Circuit Route.

Typical Day on the Northern Circuit Route: what to expect? 

A Typical Day takes climbers through various ecosystems and offers scenic views of the mountain. The trail typically takes 9-10 days to complete, with a gradual ascent and a longer distance than most of the other Kilimanjaro Routes.

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