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Lobo Public CampsitE


Lobo Public Campsite

Nestled within a serene woodland landscape, the Lobo Public Campsite offers a calm haven for nature enthusiasts and campers seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The campsite is embraced by a lush canopy of trees, creating a soothing ambiance where the gentle rustling of leaves and harmonious songs of birds provide a natural soundtrack.

Sunlight filters through the leaves, casting dappled patterns on the ground, welcome campers to bask in its warmth. A meandering stream skirts the edge of the campsite, its crystal-clear waters offering an inviting spot for leisurely exploration or a refreshing dip. The air is crisp and invigorating, carrying hints of pine and earth, a fragrant reminder of the wilderness that surrounds.

Sturdy yet unobtrusive tent sites are thoughtfully positioned, ensuring a sense of privacy while maintaining a connection to the shared community of fellow campers. Campfires crackle in designated fire pits, their dancing flames providing both warmth and a gathering point for storytelling and camaraderie as night falls.

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Accommodation options at Lobo Public Campsite

Lobo Public Campsite - Serengeti National Park


  Bed Type no bed |  Staying in Tent

  Area  |  Northern Serengeti National Park Kogatende

  Full Board 

The Lobo Public Campsite Prices for your chosen travel dates may vary depending on the season of travel. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on the final price.


Room Types: No Room

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Nature trails wind through the campsite’s vicinity, inviting adventurers to discover hidden corners and unveil the secrets of the surrounding ecosystem. As the sun sets, the starry sky emerges in all its splendor, unobscured by city lights, allowing campers to marvel at the vastness of the cosmos above.

At the, time slows down, and the pulse of nature becomes the rhythm of existence. It’s a place to unplug, recharge, and reconnect with the fundamental beauty of the natural world.

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