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Southern Tanzania’s parks host an impressive variety of wildlife. This is where east African and southern African eco-regions meet so there’s an unusual and interesting mix of species. South Tanzania safaris also offer excellent predator sightings and some of the parks are primate hotspots. This shows Why South Tanzania Safaris are Some of the Best in Africa. Best Southern Circuit Safaris in Tanzania.

Southern Tanzania safaris are less famous than those of the North and the Parks receive few visitors. Those on safari for the first time will probably prefer to visit the big names of N’gorongoro or Serengeti but the parks of the South are vast and beautiful and offer a more remote wildlife experience.

Southern Tanzania has some of the best predator viewing in Africa. Explore Ruaha and Selous on your next Southern Tanzania Safari Tours. Book a adventures with us! Wild and remote with fewer travellers than northern Tanzania and an equally impressive experience.

Whilst Arusha is the logical point of departure for all Safaris in the North and all Parks are closely grouped together for Southern Tanzania Safaris, the Parks of the South are each separated one from the other by quite large distances and whilst the road situation is improving most connections are best made by small reasonably priced charter or scheduled flights which move between the parks. There is also a wonderful safari train link between Selous and Dar Es Salaam. Discover top TripAdvisor Reviews

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