Waterberg National Park

Waterberg National Park

  • Waterberg National Park

Waterberg National Park enveloping the Waterberg Plateau is found 68 km east of Otjiwarongo in Namibia. Waterberg Plateau transcending the fields of the Kalahari of Eastern Namibia is unmistakable component of the Africa.

Geographically, the most established shake stratum is more than 850 million years of age and dinosaurs tracks were left there somewhere in the range of 200 million years prior which are as yet found in the park.

The level and its encompassing area were pronounced a Nature Reserve in 1972. As the level is for the most part inaccessible from underneath various jeopardized types of Namibia were moved in the mid 1970s to shield them from predators and poaching. The movement program was profoundly effective, and now Waterberg park supplies diversions to different parks.

Some amusement species that have been reintroduced in the park are snare lipped and square-lipped rhinoceros. In excess of 90 wildlife species and 200 winged animal species have been reported in the park. You can spot wild oxen, numerous types of pronghorn, leopards and cheetahs are likewise found at the mountain.

Best time to visit

Waterberg National Park is open for tourists lasting through the year. The perfect timespan for wildlife seeing is amid the dry season i.e., July to September as the animals search out for water and stay close to the water source amid these periods. Be that as it may, if conceivable stay away from the amazingly hot long periods of January, February and March.

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