Tavso East National Park

Tavso East National Park

  • Tavso East National Park

The Tsavo East National Park was set up in 1948, it covers around 11747 kmq and is the greatest park in Kenya. The park is around 333 kms South-east of Nairobi and around 173 km North-east of Mombasa. Its relative closeness to the drift shorelines makes it open notwithstanding for one day safari despite the fact that a night in savannah remains a remarkable affair.

The geography of the park comprise of level zone, dry fields with prickly shrubberies and bogs and marshland close to the Galana stream, the Yatta Plateau, a few normal pools and dams fill in as watering gaps for the two animals and feathered creatures.

The Tsavo East is wealthy in fauna and verdure, home to numerous local animals of Kenya, the Big Five (lion, elephant, bison, rhino, leopard) hippos, wild dogs, cosen’s gerbil, rodents, hartebeest, dark confronted velvet monkey, bunnies, mongoose, peaked porcupines, waterbucks, impala, cheetah, giraffe, grevy’s zebra, among others.

It is likewise a decent place for bird viewing with more than 500 species including the transient flying creatures. You can spotAfrican skimmers, red and yellow clerics, goshawks, bison weaver, palm nut vultures kestrels, scavangers, starlings, kingfisher, hornbills and ostriches among others.

Best time to visit

January and February are great months to visit Tsavo West, just as June to September. Visiting amid the substantial blustery season of March to May ought to be kept away from as the streets turn out to be sloppy. There might be some rain from October to December.The greatest months for birdwatchers to see migratory birsd are October to January.

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