Skeleton Coast National Park

Skeleton Coast National Park

  • Skeleton Coast National Park

The Skeleton Coast National Park is situated in the northwest of Namibia, which extends from the Kunene River in the north for roughly 500km to the Ugab River in the south. It covers 33% of the Namibia’s drift line with most out of reach shores which are dabbed with wrecks.

Skeleton Coast name originated from the bones that lined the shorelines from seal chases and whaling activities, yet in excess of a couple of the skeletons were of people. The drift has scores of wrecks, some are scarcely recognizable, and others are still in incredibly great condition.

The park’s scene bargains of sand rises, mountain reaches and ravines which are all indistinguishable with Namibia.

In spite of its dry and fatal appearance, the Skeleton Coast has a wide cluster of wildlife species than numerous other Southern African parks. You can recognize Namibia's renowned desert-adjusted elephant, dark rhino, lion, cheetah, spotted and darker hyena, giraffe, zebra, gemsbok, and springbok. Aside from the vast warm blooded animals you can spot numerous reptiles and winged creatures. Around 247 types of birds have been recorded in Skeleton Coast Park, including the close endemic Damara Tern.

Best time to visit

The Skeleton Coast National Park can be visited throughout the entire year by tourists.The perfect time to visit Skeleton Coast National Park is amid the hotter months from October to March. You can visit it throughout the entire year, anyway dependably convey layers with you extending from the lightest cotton best to a thick downy. Evenings particularly if there is a breeze can be dourly cold.

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