Meru National Park

Meru National Park

  • Meru National Park

Meru National Park is arranged in central Kenya, around 320 km north-east of Nairobi. It covers a zone of around 870 km², and is one of the most stunning and most wonderful Parks in Kenya – comprising of bumpy scenes, green riverine woodlands, savannas flooding with tall grasses, and lavish marshes, which are encouraged by the bottomless yearly precipitation, as well as by the 3 streams that fringe the Park – the Tana toward the south, the Ura toward the south-west, and the Rojeweru toward the east.

The vegetation is overwhelmed by prickly hedge arrive in the North, lush meadows in the West and open prairie somewhere else. The park additionally offer thick riverine woodlands of Doum and Raffia palm.

A genuine wild, extensive zones of the Park don’t have a street arrange by any stretch of the imagination, so you can just explore these regions by walking. Amid guided strolls, and day and night amusement drives in the regions of the Park where there is a road, guests might be fortunate to experience expansive groups of elephants, giraffes and bison, or prides of lions and cheetah families chasing on the open savannahs.

Gerenuks, zebras and ostriches can likewise be spotted, and the streams are brimming with hippos and crocodiles. White rhino have been reintroduced into the Park, and their numbers are gradually however consistently expanding. Birders will appreciate the chance to detect any of the 280 aviary species that have been documented here.

Best time to visit

Meru can be visited consistently, however wildlife seeing is best in the Dry season from June to September. Wildlife viewing is normally increasingly troublesome amid the long rains (March to May), and the short rains (October to November). Amid this time the climate may meddle with your delight in amusement drives.

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