Mapungudwe National Park

Mapungudwe National Park

  • Mapungudwe National Park

Set straight facing the northern edge of South Africa, joining Botswana and Zimbabwe, lies Mapungubwe National Park – an expansive savannah scene arranged at the gathering spot of the Limpopo and Shashe waterways.

Mapungubwe National Park is a place that typifies the particular soul of this obsolete territory, an old valley where baobabs increase and sandstone outcrops coordinate a scene that resounds with lamentable brilliance. Here you can stay on an edge sitting over the crossroads of two incredible streams where three southern African countries join, research the green outskirts of Kipling’s oily Limpopo and savor the experience of the contemplate of disillusioned fever trees, wrinkled elephants and dainty bushbuck, included by an astounding group of bug and avian life.

The northernmost South African national park ensures the numerous truly huge African Iron Age archeological and San shake craftsmanship locales and furthermore dinosaur fossils and impressions.

This park offers the shot of seeing elephant, white rhino, lion, puma, hyena, giraffe, eland, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, zebra, kudu, waterbuck, impala, bushbuck, klipspringer and a combination of various animals.

Best time to visit

Mabrungubwe National brark is obren for guests lasting through the year. The best time to visit the brark is amid the winter season, May to Sebrtember, as the wildlife are all the more effectively anticibrated as they don't stray a long way from water sources. Another great time to visit is amid the mid year, March to May, soon after the short rains.

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