Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park

  • Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park, a rare botanic wonder, is a heaven for botanists. Settle at around 2,600 meters (8,500 ft) between the rough pinnacles of Kipengere, Porto and Livingstone Mountain, the very much watered soils of Kitulo supports the biggest and noteworthy prairie area in Tanzania.

The Kitulo National Park is called by Tanzanians “BustaniyaMungu”, the Garden of God.

The botanists consider it the Serengeti of Flowers. It’s one of the extraordinary botanical sights of the World.

Kitulo, volcanic soils, underpins the biggest and the most vital mountain field network in Tanzania. It’s an uncommon herbal wonder with in excess of 350 assortments of vascular plants, including 45 types of earthbound Orchids or an assortment of Aloes, Proteas, Geraniums, monster Lobelias, Lilies.

Kitulo National Park is additionally a heaven for birdwatchers; it's the main place where you can see the uncommon Denham's Bustard or provinces of the imperiled Blue Swallows. Anyway substantial warm blooded animals are difficult to spot in Kitulo, yet you can detect a couple of mountain reedbucks and eland wandering in the prairie. You additionally can discover endemic types of Butterflies, Chameleons, Lizards and Frogs.

Best time to visit

The most wonderful time to visit the park is amid the dry season, from May to October. Be that as it may, amid the wet season, the streets inside the park are frequently overwhelmed yet might be tolerable from mid-December to February.

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