Kilimanjaro National Park

  • Kilimanjaro National Park

Kilimanjaro National Park is found 300 kilometers (190 mi) south of the equator and in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. The park is situated close to the city of Moshi. The park incorporates the entire of Mount Kilimanjaro over the tree line and the encompassing montane woodland belt over 1,820 meters.

Transcending the fields and timberlands of Tanzania is the “Roof of Africa,” Mount Kilimanjaro. At 19,336 feet, this snow-topped pinnacle is Africa’s most noteworthy mountain and furthermore the world’s tallest walk-capable mountain. Achieving the summit is an extraordinary adventure in which you rise through five distinctive environmental zones.

Mount Kilimanjaro gives rich volcanic soil and an interminable supply of unadulterated spring waters that have made it an incredible life saver for the nearby Chagga individuals and all who make their lives around the mountain. An astonishing part of this mountain is that no ascending hardware for past experience is expected to get to the pinnacle.

The lavish mountain timberland of Kilimanjaro is controlled by cheetahs, elephants, bison, the endangered Abbot's duikers, and other little antelope, little gazelles, mandrills, colobus monkeys, hedge infants and elands. Mount Kilimanjaro National Park additionally has more than 150 aviary fauna of which some are endemic to the region while others are transitory. White-necked Raven, blue snoozed mousebirds, since a long time ago followed trogon, dim hornbill, African fish birds, white-cheeked barbet and African dwarf kingfisher are a segment of the feathered animals that can be found in the diversion focus.

Best time to visit

Visitors can visit Mountain Kilimanjaro National Park throughout the year. However, the best time period for trekking Kilimanjaro is during the dry season, from late June to October and patch of dry season between the short and long rains from late December to early march.

It is best to avoid November and March- April, as the trail through the forest will be slippery, and the routes up to the summit, would be covered by snow.

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Kilimanjaro National Park

  • Kilimanjaro National Park

Arrival Tanzania

Welcome to Tanzania! As your plane descends into Kilimanjaro International Airport between the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru/Arusha airport your adventure into the wilds of the country will finally begin. A representative will meet you in the arrivals hall of the airport, and together you will make a short drive to the Venice Hotel just inside the city.

Our safari manager will come to meet you and to provide you with a safari briefing. A wonderful home-cooked dinner will be served on the spot – either in the dining room or the terrace overlooking the beautiful land scape

Arusha to Kilimanjaro, Mandara hut

At the first day you have to drive about 2 hrs through Kilimanjaro in the morning the semi-tropical foothills to Marangu area which situated on the south-eastern side of the mountain. As you drive, there is usually some admirable view of the snow-capped peak of the mountain. On arrival at Marangu gate, you meet your team of guides and porters, pick up any last minute supplies for the trek, and head to the entrance of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park to register for the climb. From the cluster of buildings at the gate it is some four to five hours walk through patches of coffee plantation and dense rainforest to Mandara Hut. Mandara Hut is a collection of basic, A-frame mountain huts with bunk beds – quite adequate for your needs – where you inevitably meet up with fellow trekkers who are bent on the same goal.

Late in the evening back to Arusha, Overnight stay at Hotel At the end of your Tour we will drop you off at the airport.

Farewell Day: Transfer to Airport (Arusha/Kilimanjaro airport)

After breakfast in the lodge we will transfer you to take flight back home this will be end of your tour and safari holidays with us

Note: Foot Slopes Tours & Safaris uses 4-WD Land Cruiser with viewing roofs for the safaris that can accommodate 4 or 6 passengers Foot Slopes Tours & Safaris guides are licensed, trained, friendly, and have years of experience.

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