Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park

  • Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park is one of Tanzania’s littlest National Parks with territory of 52 sq km, situated on shores of Lake Tanganyika and the significant fascination is Chimpanzees.

Gombe Stream is a thin segment of antiquated woodland straddling the precarious inclines and waterway valleys that in the sandy northern shore of Lake Tanganyika, around 16 kilometers from Kigoma town.

Apart from Chimpanzee, Gombe stream National Park has different primates like olive monkeys, these have additionally been looked into since the 1960s and are particularly habituated to people. You may likewise detect the red-followed and red colobus monkeys; the last is normally chased by chimpanzees thus they adhere to the woodland covering, Forest strolls and visits to neighborhood towns, swimming and swimming.

Different attractions in Gombe Stream National Park incorporate leopard and bushbucks are additionally inhabitants in the thick timberland, alongside fish hawks and palm-nut vultures, which are frequently observed flying overhead. Gombe Stream is the ideal place for a mobile safari, enabling you to chill en route with a dunk in one of the numerous streams that mismatch the park. Gombe has 200 odd flying creature species run from the Iconic Fish Eagle to Jewel like Peters twin spots which makes it a birdwatchers heaven.

Best time to visit

Gombe Stream National Park is open lasting through the year for guests. The best time to visit the park is amid the dry season, from July to October. It is less demanding to follow the chimpanzee as they stay closer to the lakeshore. Be that as it may, amid the wet season, a portion of the trails might test.

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