Cape Cross Seal Reserve

Cape Cross Seal Reserve

  • Cape Cross Seal Reserve

The Cape Cross Seal Reserve has the world’s biggest rearing state of Cape hide seals. This headland arranged along the shoreline of Namib is spread around 23 square miles comprising of level rock fields and a stone outcrop where the seals assemble.

Arranged close the waterfront towns of Henties Bay and Swakopmund, voyagers can walk around the edge of the state and investigate these fascinating animals and remarkable history of Cape Cross. Arctocephaluspusillus, the Cape hide seal, is the biggest of the nine hide seal species found on the planet.

The rich centralizations of fish exposed to the harsh elements Benguela Current, causes the seal populace to develop in bounty. Seeing in excess of 100,000 seals lazing on the shoreline and larking in the surf is certainly a striking incredible sight.

Amid the reproducing season, you can see up to 210,000 of these animals assemble at Cape Cross at any one time. Amid November and December, you can discover monstrous ocean bulls battling for shoreline region and the directly to mate. While females breed in a state of harmony and go through their days angling in the Benguela Current coming back to the shore among a large number of little guys.

Best time to visit

Cape Cross Seal Reserve is open for travellers lasting through the year. The hold is open from 8:00 to 17:00 amid 16 November-30 June. While the hold stays open from 10:00 to 17:00 amid 1 July-15 November.

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